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ECOS Recycle System reduces wastes and circulates resources

Resources for the future

In response to the rising awareness of environmental issues, such as exhaustion of fossil fuels including petroleum, ever-increasing industrial wastes, and global warming caused by greenhouse gases, what can Suminoe do as pioneer in the industry?
Answering to this question, Suminoe constructed the “ECOS Recycle System,” which reduces wastes and circulates resources at an unprecedented level through the whole life cycle of carpet tiles.
Expanding the use of recycled carpet tiles at the same cost performance level as virgin tiles in the aim of realizing a “low-carbon society” and a “recycling-oriented society”
- that’s a challenge of the first company in Japan that started production and selling of carpet tiles.

Achieved the world’s top level
recycle content

The ratio of recycled materials in most recycled carpet tiles in the market ranges from about 25 percent to a little over 40 percent. ECOS has achieved the recycled material ratio of up to 77 percent, far superior to existing ones.

Controlling safety with selected
raw materials for recycling

There are not a few recycled materials whose origin is unknown. ECOS only uses waste carpet tiles as the materials to recycle for the backing material to secure safety by controlling the origin of materials in a visible manner.

Reducing substantial amount of CO2
emissions compared to conventional products

The “ECOS SG” series uses Suminoe’s original polyester material SUMITRON® made from recycled PET bottles. The series has reduced a higher amount of CO2 emissions than Suminoe’s existing products by 40 percent or more in the LCA assessment.