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Choose your carpet tile based on its properties

Functionality and Characteristics of carpet tile

Tile carpet has various additional functions.
Please select the best carpet for the purpose to produce comfortable atmosphere.

Suminoe’s original recycle system
By introducing a resource recycling system to carpet tiles, ECOS has achieved the world’s top level post-consumer recycled material ratio.
The mark is tagged to commend the product certified for its practicality in environmental preservation in daily life and is certified by Japan Environment Association (Inc.)
The mark is only given to the product certified by Council for PET Bottle Recycling.
Eco-Friendly Goods approved by Minstry of the Environment.
The product meets to the requirements of the Fire Service Law and is certified by Japan Fire Retardant Association (JFRA).
To prevent anti-static troubles, electric conductive fiber is mixed into the Pile yarn.
Suminoe’s original deodorizing technology. Triple Fresh®II absorbs and decomposes “formaldehyde”, “smoking odor”, “pet odor”, “garbage odor” and other living odors into safe materials.
Good Design Award by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
Antivirus function fiber processing technology “CLEANSE®” was verified to reduce the number of certain virus. With the collaboration between Kurabou and Suminoe, it was applied in curtains and carpets.
As Soil-Proof is treated.
It is a verification system for indoor aerial environment determined by CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) in the United States.
This mark is tagged on low VOC product by checking the speed of formaldehyde emission less than 5 μg/m2h and is approved by “Council of Interior Fabric Performance Evaluation” in Japan.
It uses spin dyed strings.
This sign indicates the country of origin.